A vanilla creative mode server connected by one large rail system!

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Joining the Server

If you are interested, you can join the server at the following IP: subway.mygs.co
There is also (occasionally) a Bedrock mirror of the server available using Realm code: _6bUm7Nlbow

Please note that you must be ranked by a server operator to be able to interact with the world. If none are online, or the server itself is offline, you can contact me:
[email protected]
LeifEricson#2544 on Discord


May 2011 was a long time ago in the world of Minecraft. This was a time when there was no End, no Nether in multiplayer, Zombies still dropped feathers, and there were no maps, pistons, shears, or trapdoors. Most importantly, there was no Creative mode.

The Beta 1.5 update added a few new things the previous month, including this strange new item called powered rails. For the first time, you could get from A to B automatically (at a reasonable speed!) Irishdude1212 and I had just started a new server, so why not create our own subway system too?

Digging the tunnels was tough for a while. It was for this reason that the server switched to Bukkit to allow for mods that would help out. When Beta 1.8 came out, Creative mode made things a whole lot easier. The server would stay on Bukkit though, since it relied on a lot of anti-grief and convenience plugins. It wasn’t until some time around release version 1.12 that these plugins were replaced with command blocks and data packs, finally making the server fully vanilla again.

Since then over 45 players have left their mark by adding their own stations to the subway system across a variety of different tracks. Shown below are the two most developed. You can also click here to see the entire world map.

Interesting Stats (as of October 2020)

  • Creation date: May 12th, 2011 (This old YouTube video claims the 100 day anniversary was 8/20/11)
  • Game ticks passed: 523,086,985 = 26,154,349 seconds = 7,265 hours = 302.7 days
  • Uptime: a remarkable 8.7% (the server was very rarely kept on 24/7)
  • Unique players: 47
  • World size: 687MB
  • Times I thought the files had been lost or corrupted only to recover them miraculously: Too many to count