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Adora Meowmeow (アドラ・ニャニャーAdora Nyanyaa) is the main protagonist of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the current She-Ra; guardian of Etheria, and co-leader of the Princess Alliance and The Rebellion. In the Vultroverse, she is met in Story:Planet Etheria, shortly after defeating Horde Prime and returning the magical balance to the planet.



She has long, dark blonde hair tied into a high ponytail, blue eyes, and narrow brown eyebrows. She has an athletic build, wears a long-sleeved white turtleneck with pointed sleeves, and red accents. Usually worn over her shirt is a red jacket with quarter length sleeves, and a popped beige collar. She also wears grey leggings and a brown belt with a golden wing, a symbol of her Rebellion allegiance.


In her original form, She-Ra had long, wavy/straight light blonde hair and light blue eyes. She also has a thin golden crown with two wings on each side, and a red jewel in the center, and solid, golden arm cuffs. She wore a white dress with a golden, six-pointed flower embroidered on the chest, divided by a golden seam that splits the bodice from collar to belt. At the center of the flower sits an oval azure gemstone. Her white ruffled skirt, which begins under the belt, was open at the front revealing a pair of white, skin-tight shorts striped with a thick golden line on the outside of each thigh. She also wore knee-high athletic white and aqua boots, with gold soles and accents. She is also about 8 feet tall, taller than many of the other characters.

Shortly before the events of Planet Etheria, Adora obtains a new transformation. Her hair is a slightly lighter blonde and is in a style similar to her civilian one, with a longer ponytail. She is now wearing long white pants and boots with gold wing decals (representing Glimmer), Her shirt more now looks more like a blouse with a long back and red inside, the shirt also sports a heart outlined in gold (representing Bow), her golden tiara is significantly changed to look more like Catra's former mask (representing Catra).


Adora is a brave, competitive, and noble warrior and is true to her own values. She is shown to be a leader in every group she joins. Realizing what the Horde has done to innocent Etherians, she makes a major life decision to leave the Horde.

Despite making the decision to leave the Horde, Adora has been shown to be most comfortable following rules and sticking to plans. She is not entirely socially competent, having been raised in a military environment, and therefore is typically very blunt and always prefers to be prepared for battle. She is also shown to be unaware of many concepts of everyday society, including relatives such and aunts/uncles and parties.

Due to Shadow Weaver’s abuse, Adora believed for a long time that she alone was responsible for the well-being of others. She constantly put her relationships aside in order to gain any advantage against the Horde. Notably, after destroying the Sword of Protection, Adora constantly threw herself into battle without regard for her own well-being. It wasn't until a conversation with Mara that she realized that she too was deserving of her own love and affection, allowing her to open up and express her true feelings for her lifelong friend and enemy Catra.


Adora was raised from infancy by the sorceress Shadow Weaver, as a member of the The Horde. On the day Adora is finally given recognition and rewarded with becoming a Force Captain, she ends up captured by members of the Rebellion. However, after spending time with and befriending Bow and Glimmer, Adora realizes that everything she had ever been told or believed was wrong.

With the Sword of Protection in hand, Adora gains the ability to transform into the Princess of Power— She-Ra. She also discovered she was not born on Etheria, she actually belongs to a race called the First Ones and brought to Etheria through a portal. After shattering her original sword she eventually learned to draw the power from within her and transform into She-Ra without it, as well as being able to summon a new magic sword into existence when needed.

After battling the Horde and finally defeating Horde Prime once and for all, she and her childhood friend and former enemy turned partner, Catra, decide to explore and restore magic to the universe with their friends Bow and Glimmer.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Even before finding the Sword, Adora was an incredibly skilled combatant as a result of her cadet training with the Horde.
  • Navigation and Survival: Using materials in the Crimson Waste, Adora was able to find the right way to go.
  • Leadership: Adora has been shown to be a competent leader, capable of coordinating her allies and develop strategies.
  • Indomitable Will


  • Corruption by Technology: If the sword is directly infected with certain First One's artifacts when she is She-Ra, she enters a violent rage and becomes incapable of differentiating friend or foe. Taking The Sword of Protection from Adora and destroying the artifact is the only way to stop its corruption. Once the sword is taken from Adora, she falls into an inebriated state.
  • Unclear Mind: If her mind is unfocused or full of doubt she cannot transform into She-Ra.
  • Hair Envy: As Netossa explains, Adora has a couple insecurities, one of them being her hair in comparison to She-Ra.





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