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This is an article about Archie the Fox, a character originally created by Er1c1996 on 08/31/2018.

Archmund "Archie" the Fox (アーチー・ザ・フォックス Aachii za Fokkusu) is a fennec fox and great-grandfather to Vultro the Fox. He was a well-known blacksmith and adventurer of his time, being the first to uncover the Shoten Crystal during a mining expedition on Westside Island.




After being brought to the far future by his great-grandson, he asked to spend some time studying the incredibly advanced technology of the time. By the time he had to return to his own time period, he had managed to create a set of steam-powered battle armor that Vultro was able to keep as a souvenir.



  • Smithing: He is a highly skilled blacksmith, able to craft everything from intricate armor to powerful weapons.
  • Navigation & Survival: Being a seasoned adventurer, he has very good navigation and survival skills.


  • Technological Ineptitude: Due to being so far out of his time period during Shoten Showdown, he has trouble keeping up both in and out of battle. This is somewhat remedied by the end of the story.