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Catra Meowmeow (カトラ・ニャニャー Katora Nyanyaa) is is one of the main characters in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and Adora's partner. In the Vultroverse, she is met in Story:Planet Etheria, and is much the same character as her original version.


Catra is a slender, tan-skinned, humanoid cat with an athletic build. She has angular features, such as a pointed chin, straight nose, and slanted, heterochromatic eyes; pale yellow (Left) and turquoise (Right). She features three freckles on her cheeks, and soft curving dark eyebrows. Due to her feline display and ancestry, she has retractable black sharp claws on her hands and toes, small fangs, large, black, catlike ears, a long dark brown cat tail, and light brown horizontal markings on her arms and three on her back that resemble a tabby cat's stripes. For most of her life she sported wild, spiked, cedar brown hair with two lighter colored tufts behind her ears, held back behind a cat-inspired scarlet red headpiece.

By the time of Planet Etheria, Catra's hair has been cut short, although still messy in appearance. She also no longer wears a headpiece.

In Adora's vision of the future, Catra has let her hair grow long and messy again and has put it in a ponytail. She now appears taller, wearing a red-orange-colored short sleeve shirt, and a white coat with golden trim that she wears on one shoulder like a caplet. She is no longer bare foot, wearing thigh high boots with tight dark pants and has gone back to wearing fingerless gloves.


Catra seems to be a thrill-seeker, often complaining about how boring the Fright Zone was during her time there. She can also be a bit callous, showing no issue to the Horde's destructive behavior when it attacks innocent towns, and not thinking twice about striking her own best friend, Adora.

In many ways, it is her relationship with her makeshift family, Adora, and Shadow Weaver, that defines her. Despite her abusiveness, Catra still sees Shadow Weaver as a mother figure and craves her approval. This is something she only just begins to outgrow by the time that Shadow Weaver sacrifices herself to keep her safe, still being very noticeably upset about losing her. When Adora left her, she felt betrayed by the only one who ever loved her. This caused Catra to increasingly see Adora, who was always loved by everyone, as the obstacle between her and success.

After being rescued from Prime, she began to trust other people and started valuing friendship. While she is still blunt, snarky, and temperamental, she has become much kinder, more loyal, and has truly found happiness, by the side of her beloved. She ends up still being a troublemaker, but she is a much better person nonetheless and has a much healthier outlook on life. It is this change in her personality that eventually led her to express her true feelings for Adora.



  • Master Strategist: Catra has, time and again, shown to have a brilliant strategic mind; outwitting, outmaneuvering and physiologically exploiting Adora, the Princess Alliance, and even Hordak. In fact, most of the victories won by the Rebellion have been due to the overwhelming power of the Princesses, as opposed to any sort of strategy.
  • Cat Physiology: Due to her physiology, Catra possesses many cat-like traits such as sharp claws, flexible tail, enhanced strength, and agility.


  • Insecurity: Catra has a tendency to be ambivalent to outright hostile towards her underlings, distancing herself from them, but when they leave, she becomes clingy and jealous. Since joining the rebellion, her mental health has improved significantly.
  • Aversion to water: True to her feline nature she is really uncomfortable when it comes to dealing with water.





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