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Lilah the Leopard (ライラ・ザ・レオパード Rirah za Reopaado), is a snow leopard created by Er1c1996. She was born as Yuka Maruyama (丸山 優花 Maruyama Yūka), before later choosing a new name under the Ethos Eternals.


Lilah is a snow leopard, her fur being mostly white save for her grey and black spotted tail. She has purple eyes and her spiky, brown hair points in all directions.

Due to her active lifestyle and frequent exploration, she usually dresses in lightweight clothing. Her favorite outfit is a red coat over a grey tank top, green shorts, and a pair of red and black boots.


Lilah is never afraid to speak her mind, always standing up for what she believes is right, and never letting anyone talk down to her. It was this attitude, as well as her non-stop dedication to exploration, that would make her a member of the Ethos Eternals by the age of 16.

This tendency to speak her mind also extends to her friends and family, where she frequently stands up for and encourages their opinions and ideas. She is well known among her friends for her positivity and confidence.


Lilah was born on the planet Ethos to unknown parents. Ethos is a warm and tropical planet located light years away from Mobius. Lilah was raised by her adoptive mother Fiona, the then-leader of the planetary exploration group the Ethos Eternals.

However, being left behind by her mother on so many adventures began to bother her more and more. At the age of 16, already having made a name for herself due to her local ventures, she gained interest in joining the Eternals herself. It only took one conversation with Fiona for her to become the newest member, and before she knew it she was set to embark on her first mission to another planet: Mobius.

Having never experienced such a temperate climate, she instantly fell in love with Mobius. She had a particular love for the snowy mountain tops of Angel Island, which would become a a frequent destination for her on future trips over the next few years.

It wasn't until five years later that she would encounter local South Island inhabitant Vultro the Fox, who by chance had been looking for a ship headed for Ethos after a failed attempt to visit the planet years earlier. After realizing they had a similar passion for exploration and adventure, Lilah offered to show Vultro her favorite spots on Ethos, spending more and more time with him over the next year or so.

She began to realize that she was falling in love with Vultro, becoming both romantic and exploration partners with him. After moving to Mobius, the two would get married at the age of 26. She would take over the mantle of Ethos Eternals leader just two years later, moving their base of operations to South Island.



  • Lilah's character design draws some inspiration from another snow leopard, Neve the Snow Leopard, created by mandy-kun. This includes her spiky hair style and white fur color.