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Planet Eilaela: Resurrection

This is a complete rewrite of Roleplay:Planet Eilaela, meant to start from scratch and rework some of the clunkier writing that had been held over in the original version.

The Crew

Vultro the Fox

Vultro is a fennec fox and the tallest and skinniest among his friends. He has very large ears, light brown fur, and a tuft of spiky white hair. He also wears a pair of red sneakers and white gloves. He does not always think about the consequences of his actions, which often lands him in trouble. He constructed the spaceship set to land on Ethos, proving he can be quite resourceful.

Raven the Gray Wolf

Raven is a gray wolf, born in the Sol dimension. She has a natural connection to the 7 Sol Emeralds. She has a light gray muzzle, wears dark blue armor, and has specially crafted combat boots. A fierce warrior with a somewhat coarse personality, Raven usually only shows her inner kindness to her closest friends, and very rarely at that. As the heir apparent guardian of the Sol dimension, she is sometimes allowed possession of the Sol Emeralds.

Wreck the Fox

Wreck is a black fox with slicked-back spiky hair, blonde chest fur, yellow eyes, and white boots and gloves. He is the strongest on the team and his brute strength can take on most foes that he encounters. He is the love interest of Frankie and agreed to come along on the journey with the promise of some sort of surprise from her when they arrive. Wreck met Vultro three years prior to this story, on an adventure called The Secret of Robots.

Frankie the Bat

Frances “Frankie” the Bat is a skinny red bat with brown eyes, yellow and purple boots, brown gloves, and a light blue tank top and bandana. She is the love interest of Wreck and traveled with him on this trip with the idea of bringing him on a surprise romantic date on an exotic planet. Her flight abilities make her a useful addition to the team, along with her speed and agility while in the air. She also has heightened hearing and can hear sounds from a much further distance than the rest of the team.

Tracker the Dog

Tracker is a yellow bloodhound from the city of Techtown, a cybercity famous for its technology and unique regional accent. The son of Leon, the leader of the Techtown Freedom Fighters, Tracker lived in Techtown until he was chosen to embark to Mobius. He believes that visiting Ethos is an integral part of his mission. He has an incredible sense of smell that allows him to track a scent for miles and brings with him some very advanced technical knowledge.

Cync the Cat

Cyncatia “Cync” the Cat is a light blue wildcat and a new friend of Vultro’s. She has green eyes, loves the color pink, and has long curly hair. Cync met Vultro shortly before the events of this story, and they became quick friends. She has a unique shapeshifting ability that enables her to take the form of many natural creatures, including her friends and enemies.

Jenny the Fox

Jennifer “Jenny” the Fox is an arctic fox from Mobius. She is similar in size to Vultro, sporting platinum-blue fur, a bushy tail, and purple gloves and clothing. She is skinny and fast like Vultro too, being able to outrun many of her foes. She never knew her father, but she was extensively trained by her mother in Chaos magic as she grew up. She can cast spells using Chaos energy, some even without possession of a Chaos Emerald.


Chapter 1

"Alright guys, we should be arriving at Ethos in less than an hour!" Despite Vultro's excitement, his voice sounded more annoying than cheerful to Wreck's ears. He groans to himself. "Frankie," he mumbles as he turns to his partner, "I'm still not sure why you're taking me to this random planet." Frankie chuckles. "I told you, it's a surprise! Don't you worry." Wreck rolls his eyes and leans back in his chair.

Cyncatia is standing next to Vultro at the helm, looking out the front window of the ship. Her ears twitch as she stares out into the vast emptiness. Only now does Vultro's words register with her. "Vultro, didn't you just say we're almost there? Where's Ethos?" Vultro looks down at the dashboard, only to look up again in confusion at the empty space. He thumps on one of the radar displays.

"What's going on?" Cyncatia asks. Vultro points to the radar scanner. "The ship is saying Ethos is right in front of us... but it's not. I could've sworn it was there a minute ago." Cyncatia stares at the radar for a moment. "How strange," she says. She notices something out of the corner of her eye, and looks back out the window. As if out of nowhere, the horizon is now filled by a strange looking, unfamiliar planet. "Vultro!" she yells as a fireball begins to form around the ship.

Raven, who had been patiently waiting in her seat, perks up suddenly and stomps over to Vultro. "Vultro, how did you miss that giant planet? It's a planet!" Vultro is looking around frantically at his instruments. "It's not on the radar Raven, it wasn't even there a minute ago!"

Raven fiddles around in her bag and looks up with concern. "I have the Sol emeralds," she admits. "Tell me right now. Are we going to crash?" Vultro continues to fiddle with the landing controls, trying to prepare the ship for a proper landing. "Vultro! Are we going to crash!?" she yells at him. "Yes! Yes!" he finally snaps back. "I can't get the landing sequence to activate!" he yells. "Everyone, brace for impact!"

Raven dives back to her seat, strapping herself in and securing her bag. Wreck straightens up in his seat and does the same, looking over to make sure Frankie is following. Jenny, an arctic fox who had been silently watching the commotion from the back of the ship, begins to move her hands and form a magic rune. The rune expands to cover the entire ship, as the ship plummets towards a body of water.

There is a blinding flash of light, coupled with an ear-shattering explosion. Ship parts are scattered high into the air, raining down like tiny meteors. Miraculously, Jenny's spell seems to protect everyone on board as they are plunged into a murky swamp.

Raven and Cyncatia are the first to surface, the latter now taking the form of a dolphin. "Where's Vultro! He can't swim!" Vultro's hands barely break the surface, thrashing towards Cyncatia. He scurries onto her back, coughing up water. "Thank you, Cync." Raven looks around for the rest of the crew. "Where is everyone else?"

A short distance away, Wreck and Frankie both submerge from the swamp. "Yuck, so much for a surprise date..." Frankie said under her breath. Wreck scoffs. "This was your idea of a date?" Frankie frowns. "Ugh, just forget it. Let's get over to Raven."

"Where are we?" Cyncatia asks as she scans her surroundings. There are low trees, slippery rocks, and lots of murky swamp water. She notices Vultro staring at what's left of the ship. "Wherever we are, our ticket out of here is busted," he said. Nearby, Tracker suddenly pops out from under the water, flailing around until he reaches a fallen tree to stand on. Evidently, he had been in such a deep sleep that he hadn't even awoken during the panic. "This is not quite what I expected from Ethos," he said. "This isn't Ethos," Vultro said. "I have no idea what this place is."

Jenny is the last to surface, joining the rest of the group. "I would just freeze over all this water, but cryomancy isn't exactly my specialty." She tries to catch her breath as she treads nearby. Raven looks down at her now soaked bag and opens her eyes wide. "Where is it?" sh yells. "Where's what?" Wreck asks. "The silver emerald!" She dives under the water, but the murky swamp water stings her eyes. She resurfaces, spinning in circles trying to find it. She yells in frustration.

After a few deep breaths, she swims over to Vultro. "I knew I shouldn't have brought these." She rummages in the bag and pulls out the green emerald. "Vultro, I have a bad feeling about this place. I want you to hold on to this until we get the silver emerald back." "Wouldn't it be more safe with you?" he asked. "Like I said, I just have a bad feeling. I want to make sure these don't all fall into the wrong hands." Vultro nods, placing the emerald in his pouch. "First, we have to try and fix the ship. Then, we'll find the emerald. I promise."

Vultro and Cyncatia turn around, heading towards dry land. He climbs off and surveys the area. Even on land, there's nothing but trees and muddy pathways in every direction. He sighs and pauses to think. Suddenly, a chilling scream echoes through the trees. "Wh-What was that?" Vultro asks. "Haven't the foggiest..." Tracker mubles nervously. Vultro looks at the group and notices Raven is missing. "Raven? Raven!" he yells. "Where did Raven go?"

"She was right here next to us!" Cyncatia yells. "How did she disappear?" Vultro shakes his head. "I don't know. Frankie, you've got better hearing, could you tell where that scream came from?" Frankie slowly nods. "That way," she points.

The group heads in the direction of the scream. They approach a cliff face, with a large cave opening in front of them. "I hate to say it, but it sounds like it came from in there," Frankie says. Vultro shakes his head in disbelief. "Alright. Tracker, you stay out here and stand guard." He nods silently. "We'll be right back." The rest of the group enters the cave.

The entrance is faintly illuminated by the light outside, but it's hard to see very far. "Man, tis is creepy," Wreck says. Frankie steps further into the darkness, before stopping dead in her tracks. "Guys, something's not right here," she whispers into the darkness. "What do you mean?" Wreck asks. No response. "Frankie?" he asks. "Hello? Frankie?" He steps forward towards where she was standing, but there is nothing there.

Wreck is gritting his teeth now. "First Raven, now Frankie. What is going on here." Vultro gulps. "There's a branch in the cave over there. Maybe we should split up." He collects his thoughts for a moment. "Jenny, come with me. Cync, you go with Wreck."

Chapter 2

As Raven regains her consciousness, she begins to hear a muffled voice come from behind her. She's tied up, and the room is almost entirely dark. She shakes her head and listens again to what the voice is saying.

"How nice of you to hand-deliver these emeralds to me," the female voice says. As she tries to free herself, she hears someone rummaging through her bag. She struggles to focus on the shadowy figure and can tell that it was now looking directly at her.

"Where are the other two," the voice says sternly. She can see it bend over and sweep the floor nearby, as she slowly starts to realize who has captured her. Raven smirks to herself. "Let's just say, that's none of your business."

The figure scoffs. "Hah! With the other crystal in our possession, these are just a bonus anyway." It reaches out its hand and the five emeralds begin to float around it, glowing in different colors.

This all but confirmed Raven's suspicions. "Metal Raven," she says. The light of the emeralds reveals a shiny metallic face staring back at her, a face that looked similar to her own. The twisted grin on its face was something she thought a robot wasn't capable of.

"What are you doing here? Where even is here?" Raven asks. Metal Raven ignores her questions, placing the emeralds back in the bag. "The Sol Emeralds could be of some use yet, even just these five. We can use their energy to amplify the Shoten crystal."

"Shoten... crystal?" A loud rumbling occurs that shakes the entire cave. A cold, emotionless voice comes from the darkness nearby. "Metal Raven, I've secured another prisoner. But my sensors show massive volcanic activity is starting. We may want to leave soon." Frankie appears out of the darkness, being thrown to the ground by the unknown figure.

"Frankie," Raven says quietly. "I'm glad to see you." Frankie, barely awake, struggles to respond. "Mist... Raven, it's Mist..."

"Aw, poor little Frances the Bat wants to stop me!" Mist says mockingly. "What are you going to do about it?" Raven looks around and notices the familiar ears of Vultro in the corner of the room. She stares through the darkness at him.

"Whoa! A metal clone of Raven?" he bursts out. "I thought she was making that up." Raven sighed. Here we go again, she thought. Metal Raven's head snapped towards him. He looks over at the bag in her hands and notices an unfamiliar object poking out of it. It appears to be a lime-green crystal, with a webbing of blue cracks running through it. "Say, what's that thing?" he asks. "I've never seen a gem like that before."

Mist chuckles to himself, stepping forward into the dim light. He reveals himself to be a strange, featureless creature with pale grey skin. Even without visible eyes on his face, Vultro could tell Mist was staring right at him. "Do you really think we'd tell you anything about that crystal?" He pauses and attempts what Vultro assumes is a smile. "You should have heard your friend outside."

The creature morphs into an exact copy of Tracker, down to his dripping yellow ears. "Gimme our bloody friends back before I get rate maaaaad!" he says as he poorly mimics Tracker's accent. Mist laughs to himself. Vultro's eye begins to twitch in anger.

Metal Raven stifles a laugh. Mist looks up at Metal Raven, and pauses. "Metal Raven! Behind you!" Jenny flips over Metal Raven's shoulder, and swiftly snatches the mysterious crystal from Raven's bag. "How dare you make fun of my friend like that!" Jenny says. Metal Raven growls and dives towards Jenny. "Vultro, catch!" She quickly tosses the crystal towards Vultro.

Vultro jumps and catches the gem out of the air. As he looks down at it in his hands, still angry, it begins to glow green. He begins to feel a surge of energy enter his body. "What's happening?" he asks as he feels more and more energy flow through him. Suddenly, a brilliant flash fills the cave, sending a shockwave through the room. As the light fades, Vultro is now floating in the air, his fur a shining purple color.

He looks down in awe at his transformation and then looks back at the crystal with a big smile on his face. "Guys! Guys! I'm just like Super Sonic! Ha ha, look at me! I look awesome!" He turns around, only to be met by a sucker punch straight to the gut. "Not quite Super Sonic, foolish child," a menacing voice says as he falls to the floor.

Vultro drops the crystal, and his fur fades back to normal color. The mysterious figure picks up the crystal and inspects it, and Vultro looks up at him. The figure appears to have both the angular face of a wolf, and the distinct large ears of a fox. He stood as tall as Raven, with a mixture of brown and gray fur.

As Vultro looks at him longer, he also notices that he is translucent, and his feet hovered slightly off the ground. "Gah, I almost went mad without this on me. Makes me wonder how I went so long without it." He turned to Metal Raven and gave her a nod. She walks over and hands the yellow Sol emerald to him, and he inserts it into a device on his belt.

Jenny, off to the side of the room, suddenly gets a tap on her shoulder. She spins around to see Wreck standing next to her. He signals her to stay quiet, and she nods as he tiptoes towards Mist. He glances at Jenny and gives her a signal. He suddenly dashes towards Mist, and Jenny dives towards him as well. Mist turns to block Jenny, and Wreck gets behind him to sweep his legs out from under him.

Wreck then turns to the wolf. "You want some too?" He throws a punch at the wolf, only for his hand to go right through him as he tumbles to the floor. "No use," the wolf says as he grabs Vultro by the neck. He taps the device on his belt and the two instantly vanish in a flash of yellow light. Metal Raven turns and grabs Raven, and they too disappear in a flash of light.

"Raven!" Jenny yelled. "They have Raven, and Vultro, and the emeralds," Wreck says. He clenches his fists and turns to Mist, but by now he had already escaped. He turns his attention to Frankie, who is still collapsed on the floor. "Wreck? Wreck!" Cyncatia's voice echoes. She stumbles into the room, out of breath. "What happened?"

"Raven and Vultro were taken, and maybe Tracker too," Jenny said. "I don't know." "We have to get out of this cave," Wreck says as he begins to untie Frankie. "It's okay Frankie, you're safe now."