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This is an article about The Shoten Crystal, an item originally created by Er1c1996 on 05/14/2013.

The Shoten Crystal (症天クリスタル Shōten Kurisutaru) is an extremely powerful object discovered by Archie the Fox on Westside Island.


Powers and Traits

It also has the ability to combine with and amplify the power of other gemstones, such as the Sol Emeralds. It can also combine with the Infinity Stones, which did not previously exist in in the Vultroverse until the events of Story:Vultro and the Spider-Women.



The crystal was for many years not named, due to Archmund not knowing the true power it containted.

Its current name was given by Obelus, and comes from the Japanese 症 (Shō), meaning disease, And 天 (Ten), meaning imperial or heavenly. Together the literal translation is "Imperial Disease Crystal." After studying its nature, Obelus chose this name to represent the corrupting power that it gives the wielder, which seems to deteriorate their mental health over time.