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Forum - Spider-Man: No Way Home Predicition Thread

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My personal predictions, based on rumors, leaks, and speculation. Hoo boy, we are in for a treat.


  • First teaser in June 2021 (current guess: June 10th or 21st.)
  • Full trailer in September/October.
  • Second trailer in late November.


  • Split focus: Peter's revealed identity, and a multiverse sinister six.
  • Sinister Six: Green Goblin/Doc Ock/Sandman (Raimiverse), and Lizard/Electro/Rhino (Webbverse). Goblin is the main villain.
  • Multiverse will end up being broken due to Wanda messing with the Darkhold (implied until confirmed in MoM.)
  • Matt Murdock will make an appearance as Peter's lawyer, trying to defend his innocence. No Daredevil.
  • Strange will be the mentor figure and will be responsible for holding the villains at the Sanctum.
  • Peter will end up letting them all out after GG manipulates him (similar to the Harry mirror scenes.)
  • Tobey and Andrew will play significant parts and we will see what has been going on with them.
  • Big battle set piece at the Statue of Liberty with all three Spider-Men.
  • Either Ned or Aunt May will die, but the Spider-Men will not.
  • Peter's identity will remain revealed, but he will be proven innocent.

If anyone else wants to provide their thoughts or predictions, feel free to post them here.

Posted by Er1c1996 (administrator) on 8 June 2021 at 18:34.