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Vultro and the Spider-Women (story)

This story is a WIP!

Plot Summary

Solidus the Werewolf has become desperate. He knows that someone much more powerful than him has been pulling the dimensional strings, launching the attack on Etheria a few years back. Every other plan has failed. After many deperate pleas, the unknown villain reveals to him the existence of the Infinity Stones. But Solidus isn't the only one after the stones.

Equipped with the knowledge that the stones were destroyed in the past, Dr. Robotnik takes matters into his own hands. He travels back in time to the early 21st century and manages to track down a scientist that looks strikingly similar to the one Solidus spoke to. He is able to convince this scientist, who calls himself Dr. Octavius, of the existence of the Infinity Stones, forming the Sinister Six.

Vultro the Fox, made aware of recent time vortex activity by Lilah, follows Robotnik and discovers for himself the existence of superpowered humans in the 21st century. He decides to warn them about Robotnik and takes matters into his own hands...