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Also known as Leif. He/him.

It’s hard opening your heart. It makes you vulnerable, but it doesn’t make you weak. And in the end, I have to believe it’s worth it.

My Content


  • Vultro the Fox - A tall, skinny Fennec fox that tends to get himself into trouble.
  • Lilah the Leopard - A snow leopard born on the planet Ethos that has a love for exploring, adventuring, and challenging herself.
  • Lily Raven the Leopard - Oldest child of Vultro and Lilah, they are the first leopard in the family to capable of using the Shoten Crystal.
  • Eltra the Fox - Son of Vultro and Lilah, and younger brother to Lily Raven.
  • Obelus the Fox - Father of Vultro.
  • Lily the Fox - Mother of Vultro, who was murdered by Solidus when Vultro was only four.
  • Solidus the Werewolf - The evil, uncontrollable alter ego of Obelus that is activated by the Shoten crystal, and was kept secret from Vultro.
  • Archmund the Fox - Great grandfather of Vultro that is said to have first discovered the Shoten Crystal while on a mining expedition.
  • Cync the Cat - A wildcat that becomes friends with Vultro shortly before Planet Eilaela. She has a unique shape-shifting ability, and after helping to escape Eilaela, becomes one of Vultro's closest friends.
    • She later has a daughter named Cassie, who also possesses her shape-shifting ability.


  • The Shoten Crystal - An extremely powerful crystal capable of allowing certain wielders to achieve a more powerful state, similar to the effect of the Chaos Emeralds. Unlike the Emeralds, only one stone is required to achieve this transformation.
    • Confirmed wielders: Archmund, Solidus, Vultro, Jenny, Raven, Lily Raven, Eltra, Sylvie Summers
      • Raven was the first non-fox in the family since the crystal's discovery to achieve the Shoten form. Being from the Sol dimension, she also is the only one who has both a Fuzion form and a Shoten form.




Crossover Characters

These characters appear in my stories and are either canon characters, are from other fandoms, or they belong to other users.


To ensure continuity in stories that my characters appear in, here is a relative timeline of events. The Sonic canon is very fuzzy when it comes to exact years, so I have created a relative date system: BBV (before the birth of Vultro) and ABV (after the birth of Vultro.) Therefore, any number you see here is just how old Vultro was at that time (or how many years before his birth.)

For those wondering, I have also attempted to place the year of these events relative to the Archie comics. 3225, the start of the comic's First Robotnik War, takes place when Vultro is 6. Therefore Vultro is born in 3219 on the Mobian calendar, or 13,999 CE on our calendar.

Far Past

  • 12,004 BBV: Judy Jameson is born in New York City.
  • 11,980 BBV: Vultro will travel here during Vultro and the Spider-Women. (future story)
  • 11,900 BBV: The age of widespread super-powered humans on Earth ends.
  • ~11,500 BBV: Evolution of animal species on Earth begins to accelerate exponentially.
  • 975 BBV: Mara sends Etheria into the dimension of Despondos.

Previous Century

  • 91 BBV: Birth of Archmund, Vultro's great-grandfather.
  • 70 BBV: Archmund discovers the Shoten Crystal on a mining expedition. It remains passed down as a family heirloom, the power within in being unknown for decades.
  • 59 BBV: Birth of Julius, Vultro's grandfather.
  • 26 BBV: Birth of Obelus, Vultro's father.

Modern Day

  • 3 BBV: Obelus first transforms using the Shoten Crystal. However, in transforming he discovers that his personality and physical traits alter, making him a werewolf under its effects.
  • 2 BBV: Raven, Vultro's half-sister, is born.
  • 2 BBV: Jenny, Vultro's half-sister, is born (Obelus was obviously not very faithful...)
  • 0 BBV: Vultro is born on South Island.
  • 1 ABV: Lilah is born on Ethos.
  • 4 ABV: Solidus, having been slowly corrupted by his transformation, snaps and kills Lily. With the help of Imperator Ix, he successfully destroys his physical body, and Obelus with it.
    • Raven witnesses this event and believes Ix had killed his father, running away out of anger and confusion.
    • Vultro goes to live with his aunt for the next four years on West Side Island, unaware of what truly happened.
  • 8 ABV: Vultro runs away to live on his own and returns to South Island.
  • 8 ABV: Vultro first meets Raven.
  • 8 ABV: The events of Sonic Mania take place. Vultro and Raven hide in the Sol dimension out of fear of being captured by Dr. Robotnik.
  • 13 ABV: The Secret of Robots (story deleted) - Vultro’s first big adventure with Wreck.
  • 15 ABV: Fursora Madness (story deleted) - An adventure with Raven.
  • 16 ABV: Planet Eilaela/Planet Eilaela: Resurrection - Vultro, now 16, embarks on a trip with his friends and crash lands on Eilaela. This starts the events of Planet Eilaela and its rewrite Planet Eilaela: Resurrection. Solidus first appears to Vultro during the events of this story.
  • 20 ABV: Vultro, age 20, is brought to the future by his older self to stop Solidus. However, this younger Vultro is unexpectedly defeated, creating an "Altered" timeline in which Vultro never returns and Solidus rises to power unstopped. A timeline is later created in which he does return, called the “Prime” timeline.

Altered Timeline

  • 24 ABV: The Island of Doom (story deleted) - Solidus, now successfully in a corporeal form, is age 50. With no one to stop him, he teams up with five other villains to try and defeat a group of heroes that have been brought onto a remote island.
    • Solidus is again (seemingly) killed in battle.
    • The Epilogue revealed that Solidus was again revived and had escaped the island along with two other villains.
  • 28 ABV: Off the Grid (story deleted) - Solidus teams up with "The Deleter" to try and erase the entire Gaia Grid from existence. Age is 58 at this point.
  • 93 ABV: Though able to artificially extend his life using the Shoten Crystal, Solidus dies of natural causes at age 119.
  • 94 ABV: Birth of Raven's great granddaughter, Sylvie Summers.
  • 110 ABV: Sylvie Summers rediscovers the Shoten crystal. After learning from her grandmother Pheonix about Vultro’s disappearance and it being the reason for Solidus’ rise to power, she manages to travel back to 20 ABV, shortly before the timeline split. She enters the Prime timeline with young Vultro, and helps him escape successfully. This effectively ends and erases the Altered timeline.

Prime Timeline

  • 20 ABV: Sylvie Summers spends some time here before returning to her proper time, befriending both Lucius the Fox and (MissOrange's Fox).
  • 22 ABV: Vultro meets Lilah the Leopard.
  • 25 ABV: Planet Etheria: Etheria is returned to the universe. The events of Story:Planet Etheria take place.
  • 27 ABV: Vultro and Lilah marry.
  • 28 ABV: Vultro and the Spider-Women (future story)
  • 30 ABV: Shoten Showdown (future story) - Vultro time travels to collect both his great grandfather Archmund, and a younger version of himself, to team up against Solidus one last time.
  • 30 ABV: The first time this battle happens, young Vultro is defeated creating the Altered timeline.
    • From the Altered timeline, Raven’s great granddaughter Sylvie follows young Vultro here, and helps him escape back to 20 ABV. In the process, Vultro’s death is prevented and the timeline is restored.
  • 30 ABV: Birth of Vultro and Lilah’s child, Lily Raven the Leopard.
  • 32 ABV: Birth of Vultro and Lilah’s son, Eltra the Fox.