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Vultro the Fox (ボルトロ・ザ・フォックス Borutoro za Fokkusu) is a fennec fox that debuted in the story Planet Eilaela.


Fennec foxes are known for their unusually large ears among fox species, Vultro being no exception. He closely resembles his father Obelus, also a fennec fox, though he is also half silver fox. His body fur is a light brown color, and the fur on both his chest and the tip of his tail is white. He has blue eyes, and dark brown tips on his tail and ears. He usually wears white gloves and a red/blue pair of sneakers.

Vultro is both very skinny and tall. However, he uses this build to his advantage-- he is among the fastest of all of his friends.


Like his father, he is an adventurous fox, never shying from the opportunity to explore a new planet. He comes from a long line of explorers and adventurers dating back generations.

He has a tendency to be short-sighted or impulsive. He more often than not does not think of the consequences of his actions, which frequently lands him into trouble. He can also be very slow to open up to new friends and acquaintances.

Despite this, he is very caring towards his close friends and family, particularly to his sisters Raven the Gray Wolf and Jenny the Fox. He is willing to do anything to protect them, even if his short sighted decisions end up getting him into further trouble.


Vultro does not remember much of his true childhood. He was born on South Island, to Obelus and Lily Zeridia. He had been told for many years that both of his parents had passed away when he was four, being instead raised by his aunt on West Side Island. Missing the rolling hills of South Island, he ran away shortly after his eighth birthday.

During his childhood, he would often visit Green Hill Zone, looking up to the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog as a role model. At the age of eight, having just ran away to live on his own, Vultro decided to live in this area, soon witnessing the invasion of a new Badnik army on the island. (Sonic Mania) His new friend Raven managed to help him escape into the Sol dimension until it was safe to return.

At the age of thirteen, Vultro helped his friend Wreck the Fox to stop a local robot uprising, something that could be considered his first real adventure. The story documenting the adventure has since been lost, leaving many details uncertain.

Itching for more adventure, Vultro spent the next two years working with local scientist and friend Tracker the Dog on constructing a spacecraft, convincing eight of his friends to ride with him on a visit to the peaceful planet Ethos. Though most were reluctant to ride in the craft, Tracker assured them of its safety. The events that followed has been documented in a roleplay. It is here that he discovers that Solidus, the evil alter ego of his once father, is still alive.

After returning home safely, Vultro continued to go on more adventures, encountering and battling his father multiple times along the way.

In a desperate last resort to defeat Solidus, he manages to bring a younger version of himself to the future. However, the younger Vultro is unexpectedly defeated, created an alternate timeline in which no one is there to stop Solidus. This altered timeline begins a chain of events that eventually destroys the future of the family.

Eventually, Raven's great granddaughter, one of the last living descendants of Vultro in this altered timeline, traces the events back to that battle. Traveling through time herself, she manages to change history and restore the timeline in which his younger self is safely returned to his proper time.

With the timeline restored and the future now changed, Vultro would go on to meet his future partner Lilah the Leopard, later having two children: Lily Raven the Leopard, and Eltra the Fox.


  • Raven the Gray Wolf: Being his first true friend, Vultro is very close to Raven. They met in Green Hill Zone when he was eight, and were soon best friends. She is the first one Vultro asks to go on the adventure to Ethos. They later discover that they are half-siblings, sharing a father.
  • Wreck the Fox: Due to his chaotic nature, Wreck's personality sometimes clashes with Vultro's. However, they maintain a friendly relationship. Vultro met Wreck sometime prior to the events of The Secret of Robots. Later, both he and his girlfriend Frankie the Bat agree to travel with Vultro to Ethos, where they discover that Wreck has a hidden connection with the Sol dimension.
  • Jenny the Fox: After meeting Vultro via a trip to the Sol dimension with Raven, she is invited to come along with them to Ethos. On Eilaela, they learn that they are half brother and sister (along with Raven,) causing them to become even closer over the coming years and soon begin to treat each other as family.
  • Mackenzie the Tiger: Vultro met Mac on Eilaela while Mac was researching some interesting energy signatures on the planet. Though he didn't mesh with the group immediately, Vultro's new acquaintance Shimmer smoothed things out. Mac ended up helping in the final battle against Solidus, proving to be a powerful ally.
  • Lilah the Leopard: Lilah caught Vultro's eye from the moment he met her. She was adventurous, outspoken, and incredibly kind. The two would begin dating and would eventually become partners. He loves her very deeply and sees her as the perfect friend and exploration partner.
  • Adora
  • Catra


Since a young age, Vultro has been honing his running skills. He is the fastest out of all his friends, and his light build allows him to jump high, climb tall obstacles, and fit into tight spaces. He is not a big fan of hand to hand combat, but when forced to fight his speed is usually his biggest strength.

Using the power of the Shoten crystal, a mysterious stone found on the planet Eilaela, Vultro can assume a more powerful form. Comparable to a Super form, Vultro gains a massive boost in speed and strength, and the ability to float. Unlike a Super form however, the user is still vulnerable to some physical attacks. His fur glows a bright shade of purple, and his chest fur turns a platinum color. Additionally, he becomes fast enough to create a vacuum around an enclosed space, effectively suffocating anyone inside.

It was thought for years that only foxes in Vultro's family were capable of taking on this form, until is was discovered that Vultro's sister Raven, a wolf, could as well. Later, both of his children also managed to take this form. He and others who take on this form call it the Shoten Form.


Since he is not keen to fight unless absolutely necessary, he is easily overpowered in battle. This is especially true the faster his enemies are, as he relies heavily on his speed as an advantage. He is also incapable of swimming, sinking to the bottom of any body of water.



  • According to his aunt, Vultro's full name is Vultro Milo Zeridia.
    • However, perhaps due to the name of his idol Sonic the Hedgehog, he prefers to go by Vultro the Fox.