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The Vultroverse (ボルトロ・ウォールド Borutoro Woorudo) is an alternate universe in which most of the articles of this wiki exist. It is extremely similar to the Archie Comics version of Sonic the Hedgehog, with a few major differences.


The Vultroverse shares a majority of its canon and backstory with that of Sonic's world. In this way, most events can be considered pseudo-canon or roughly adjacent to the main continuity of the Archie comics.

Age of Heroes

Until the 21st century, Earth was very much like ours, save for the existence of certain super-powered individuals. Steve Rogers became the first of these heroes, though many would soon follow. It wasn't until the beginning of the 22nd century that this age ended, and the evolution of animal species on Earth began to accelerate. Some believe this sudden change to be the result of the mutant gene accelerating out of control.

Modern Era

The Super Genesis Wave, a major event in the comics that reshapes the whole universe, occurs in the Vultroverse. As such, Earth as it was previously known was rewritten to make Dr. Eggman a deity. This event was ultimately undone by Sonic the Hedgehog, but some aspects of the universe became permanently altered.

Although most inhabitants are not aware of this event, it is apparently known to certain inhabitants of the multiverse. Otto Octavius, for instance, was aware of things that no longer existed in the Vultroverse, such as the Infinity Stones. He theorized that traveling back in time to before the Super Genesis Wave would result in arriving in the original Earth. Dr. Eggman decides to test the theory and attempts to steal the stones from the past, believing he can create a Genesis Wave so powerful it cannot be undone.

A majority of the Sonic series video games are canon to the post-wave world. It is believed that only three video games have not occurred here: Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Lost World, and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Unless stated otherwise, it can be assumed that all other video games are canon. For instance, the events of Sonic Mania take place when Vultro the Fox is eight years old.

The current year of the Vultroverse is 25 ABV (Vultro calendar), 3244 (Mobian calendar), or 14024 CE (Gregorian calendar.)