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Featured Articles are (to put it simple) examples of the potential of this wiki. 


In order for a page to become featured, there are some criteria it must meet first.

  • It must meet all article standards.
  • Once an article has been featured, it cannot appear again for at least four months.
  • If a theme is going on during a particular month (example: Joke Characters or Locations), then all nominees must meet any special criteria that goes with the theme.

Featured Article Template

Pages that have been featured will have the Featured Article template (shown below) placed on their article. The owner(s) of the pages are free to remove it themselves anytime they like. Anyone else caught removing the template unauthorized or adding the template to non-featured pages will be warned. Repeatedly doing this will result in consequences.

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Current Featured Article

Shoten Crystal

Past Featured Articles

April 2021


Catra Meowmeow (カトラ ニャニャー Katora Nyanyaa) is is one of the main characters in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and Adora's partner. In the Vultroverse, she is met in Story:Planet Etheria.

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March 2021


Adora Meowmeow (アドラ ニャニャーAdora Nyanyaa) is the main protagonist of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. In the Vultroverse, she is met in Story:Planet Etheria.

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February 2021

Vultro the Fox
Vultro Raven Comission w Signature.png

Vultro the Fox (ボルトロ・ザ・フォックス Borutoro za Fokkusu) is a fennec fox that debuted in the story Planet Eilaela. He comes from a long line of explorers and adventurers dating back generations.

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January 2021

Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson (メリー・ジェーン・ワトソン Meri Jen Watoson), also known as Scarlet Spider, is a Marvel character and human resident of Earth. In the Vultroverse, she obtains spider-like powers after being bit by a genetically modified vampire spider.

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December 2020

Lilah the Leopard

Lilah the Leopard (born 丸山 優花 Yuka Maruyama) is a snow leopard, an adventurer from the planet Ethos and leader of the Ethos Eternals. She has white fur, purple eyes and her spiky, brown hair points in all directions.

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Main Page Box

Shoten Crystal

The Shoten Crystal (症天クリスタル Shōten Kurisutaru) is an extremely powerful object discovered by Archie the Fox on Westside Island. It has the ability to combine with and amplify the power of other gemstones.

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