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Wreck the Fox (破壊・ザ・フォックス Hakai za Fokkusu) is a fox from the Sol dimension originally created by The Evilbreaker. In the Vultroverse he received a complete overhaul of his design, but maintains a very similar personality to his original version.




Being a native of the Sol dimension, Wreck possesses a natural connection to the Sol Emeralds. When he discovers that he might have a connection to the dimension, he becomes the only hope of escaping from Eilaela. He wields a chest plate containing all seven emeralds, along with the Shoten Crystal. This causes an accidental transformation into his Fuzion Form, giving him bright white fur that stands on its ends. In this form it is presumed that he has many similar abilities to the Super form of the Chaos Emeralds.



  • Strength
  • Fuzion Form




  • This character was originally created in 2013 by The Evilbreaker. As with other alternate characters, they were created due to user inactivity in order to finish stories including said character.
    • Due to this, their appearance in newer stories is usually minor or only mentioned as to be respectful to the creator.